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Tonys Auto Repair

Here at Tonys Auto Repair we treat your vehicle like its our own.

Oil Change

-Conventional Oil Change Starting At $25

Basic Oil Change is Recommended by most manufaturers every 3,000miles or 3months which ever comes first! A Conventional oil change meets or exceeds oil requirements of most vechicles

-Full Synthetic Oil Change Starting At $35

 Full Synthetic oil change is for those who demand more from their vehicle, some benefits of synthetic oil change over conventional is: Improved Fuel Economy! Reduced Engine wear resulting in longer engine life! Synthetic oil lubricates better in extreme tempatures below 32 degrees F and above 190 degrees F. Keep in mind most engine are made to operate best between 160-205 degrees F. Over-all better for your engine than conventional. the only reason why synthetic wouldn't be a better choice than conventional oil is if your engine already has substanial wear and is consuming a considerable amount of oil.  

The clearances between metal engine parts can be as little is .0010". The oil keep the metal parts from touching. But even with oil between the metal parts, the spinning creates heat. In addition to lubricating the parts, the oil also carries the heat away. But oil also has several key additives. It has a detergent that keeps dirt suspended so it can move the dirt to the oil filter. Without detergent, the crud would either stay in place or settle at the bottom of the oil pan. Oil also has anti-friction additives that melt out of the oil if metal ever does touch, so it's kind of "self healing." Oil also contains anti-corrosion additives that prevent metal parts from corroding. Finally, it contains an anti-foaming agent to prevent bubbles when it's whipped up by moving metal parts. Regular oil is also made up of several different weights of oil. As you put on the miles, the lighter weight oils get burned off, leaving only the heavier oils. That's why car makers want you to use synthetic--the molecules are the same size. All of those additives wear out. That's why you have to change your oil. Squeeze too many miles out of your oil and you will find black gooey sludge at the bottom of your engine. Since the anti-friction additives will be gone, you'll see burned oil on all the engine parts (just like burned butter in a frying pan). Any mechanic can instantly tell whether an owner has changed the oil regularly. Well kept engines are clean inside. Abused engines are coated with brown varnish. Not changing your oil is simply the worst thing you can do to an engine.


Brake Pad Replacement comes with a lifetime warranty- starting at $75/ axle

Brake Pad And Rotor replacement - starting at $175/ axle

Brake Caliper Replacement comes with lifetime warranty - starting at $160/ axle


Tune Up/ Maintenance Service

Full Tune up can include:

-New Spark Plugs

-New Spark Plug Wire Set

-New Distributor Cap

-New Distributor Rotor

-New Air Filter

-New Fuel Filter

-New Cabin Air filter

-New PCV Valve

-Oil Change

-Transmission Fluid & Filter change

-Thermostat & Antifreeze change

-Load Test Battery, Check & Clean Battery Terminals

Starting At $180


Other Regular Scheduled Mainentance:


-Timing Belt & Water Pump, usually required every 100,000miles

   Parts Included: 

     -New Timing Belt

     -New Water pump Lifetime Warranty

     -New Timing Belt Tensioner & Idler Pulleys

     -New Hydraulic Tensioner Assembly(when required)

     -New Antifreeze & Gaskets & Seals

Starting At $255

Suspension Repair

We perform a variety of different suspension repairs including:

Shocks lifetime warranty- starting at $120/axle

Struts Lifetime warranty- Starting at $220/axle

Wheel bearings- starting at $120/wheel

Outer Tie Rod End lifetime warranty- Starting at $65/ wheel

Ball Joint Lifetime Warranty- Starting at $100/ball joint

and more...